Leadership Essentials for Business Growth | Neuro-Psychological Method #1


Exceptional Leadership Creates Exceptional Growth

Neuro-psychological Leadership is about unlocking the potential in all of us using evidence based techniques from both psychology and neuroscience. An acknowledgement that leaders are not born, rather they are the sum of learnable skills that, with practice, can be mastered.


What you will Learn | Master advanced leadership skills:

  • Learn how to become a transformational
  • Learn how to rapidly grow teams
  • Master the art of coaching
  • Master situational leadership for low-risk growth
  • Master the leadership styles
  • Learn how to motivate like a star coach
  • Learn how to use neuroscience and psychology for results
  • Master the 2 most powerful management consulting frameworks for business growth.


The Principles of Neuro-psychlogical Leadership

Exceptional growth comes from exceptional people, people who own the belief that we are all truly capable of greatness. Neuro-psychological leadership unlocks the potential in all of us, creating the leaders of tomorrow.

1. Growth mindset over fixed mindset

2. One size fits one - work with the brain, not against it

3. Leaders manage team energy - Mirror neurons

4. Balance - 80% Dopamine, 20% Adrenaline

5. Congnitive Consonance - Creat powerful goal chains

6. Engage from the the ground-up


Meet the Trainer | RUSSELL POTTER (CIPD)

20+ Years of experience in Talent and Training.

Russell is an expert in employee engagement and intrapreneurship and has helped corporations to success in both Asia and Europe. A leadership trainer and qualified coach, Russell’s knowledge of talent and organization development is unmatched and he brings a deep understanding of psychology and neuroscience to his work.


The Rundown


9.00 AM

9.30 AM
Leadership Principles

10.30 AM
Bring out the Leader Within + Simulation Practice

12.30 PM

1.30 PM
Applying Situational Leadership for High Growth

2.30 PM
Master the Leadership Styles

5.00 PM
Wrap up and close


9.00 AM
Recap and check-in, morning after activities

9.30 AM
Coaching Employees - Skill Training

12.30 PM

1.30 PM
Performance Gaps Analysis and Weak Signals Analysis

5.00 PM
Recap + Q&A + Sharing

06.00 PM


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Mar 14 - Mar 15, 2018
[ Wed ] - [ Thu ]
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM JST
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The Wesley Centre
2-Day Workshop SOLD OUT ¥98,000
Venue Address
The Welsey Centre, Omotesando, Tokyo Japan
Leadership Essentials for Business Growth | Neuro-Psychological Method
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